Ethics and the next generation

Well readers we’ve had a long semester full of interesting topics, but the semester is coming to an end now. Who knows I might continue righting blogs just for the fun of it, will just have to see about that. For my last and final blog from the reminder of this class. Professor Conrad assigned us another ethical topic to expand our knowledge and readers on research ethics. For the assignment I must review a fellow bloggers blogs from my marketing research & strategies class.

I selected Braython Tall blog post about ethical and unethical reasoning. The post title is ethical or unethical. This created blog was created April 10, 2017, Tall discusses how it is important to know the best way to obtain information that is needed. He brings up a point that with each experiment we do in today’s world is effecting the line between ethical and unethical. He goes along with say that this can cause a negative backlash will any form of media is disturbing unethical stories.

In the business category this is extremely important to have a set of ethical meaning in the business. A reasons for many companies collapsing is simple because of their poor management towards there ethical skills. Tall’s blog goes in to detail about to forms of unethical practices in the psychological world. Doctors have always thought outside the box and creating new ideas, but just because it new ideas to create this world better there are a large amount of horror stories that ruined their careers. Tall finds an article about elephants being injected with doses of LSD to crate phobias in infants. This topic was briefly discussed as an example of the horror stories.

A large amount of this blog explains the Milgram experiment, since the destruction from the Holocaust. Dr. Steven Milgram has attempted to find out the Nazi’s and there obedience to authority. Tall ask what is the possible reasoning for so many people to have so much hate or was it just them following orders? Tall ends his discussion by explaining Milgram’s experiment of having two people, one of the participants following orders while the other is getting shocked. Milgram found that majority of the participants chose to shock the other participant. This was noted as unethical because the participant was not informed, Tall says that if they were notified in the beginning Milgram would not have the pure results he got.

After reading this Blog post I seem to look at a lot of things differently. With Milgram accurate results it brings me to a better understanding to what is ethical and unethical in our world. I want to bring up an international subject that leads our next generation to becoming less ethical as the earth gross old.

Military forces and gangs these two are greatly affecting our world as we know it. Thousands of children are serving soldiers in armed conflict and summited to gang affiliation. Some young children are serving the military’s as young as 8 years old. They are so young to be influenced to shoot guns. They fight front line, committed to suicide missions and act as spies to help their military forces. Girls may be forced into sexual slavery. In most cases they are abducted or recruited by force. While others join out of belief that an armed group is there only way of survival. This impacts majority of developing countries. A large amount of South America and Africa force children to participate in there military. While gangs around the world are doing the same thing.

What I’m trying to show is that this unethical way that grows in our world is deeply effecting our children of the next generation. There being taught and threaten to obey orders from military forces and gangs when they should be in school or looking to build a career. There taking children and showing them that harming and shooting people is the right way to do things. Showing a similar way as the Nazi’s did with their troops. Murdering and harming innocent people. For my closer on this blog I just want to notify my readers that having moral and ethics in our world keeps us at peace. While unethical methods puts our world at risk of destruction as the holocaust did.

You can find this Blog under this link that is provided below


IS Ethics That Important

Ethics, most people think of these morals as rules. Distinguishing between right from wrong and the different between them. Such as the Golden rule (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you). It’s looked at as a code of professional conduct. Kind of like an oath to maybe a secret society or becoming a Police officer. When you really think about it ethics is what brings us equal freedom. Some may vary according to what country you live in, but in America we have Amendment’s.

For example our 14th amendment is a part of our United States constitution. This amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws. This was proposed because of the issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War. When former slaves won their freedom to be an equal human many African Americans still had no rights and we’re often beaten, harassed, raped, and killed with no consequences to their killer slaves

Well let me stop chanting about the definition and meaning of ethics, so I can tell you about the Volkswagen Brand Crisis. VW buried emissions results in its software this then caused a crisis for this corporate company. VW has no mission or values which means there is no way Volkswagen can reach their goals, this is ethically and sustains the company. There were values stated in the 2006 report, but there are no recent reports values since then. In 2011 Volkswagen’s main contribution to the project is to have sustainable mobility. By working in a co-operation with politicians and society, the business role can play a key part to environmental issues.

An analysis by Strategic Management Insight 2013 (SMI) understood that there mission statement is to offer attractive, safe, and environmentally sound vehicles. They believe this can set world standards in their respective class. SMI found that VW lacked any statement of values or philosophy. There is nothing mentioned about the customers, employees, or technology of that matter. SMI reports showed a score of 1.6 of a possible 4.5 in the SMI’s Evaluation.

Volkswagen group focuses on being a global economic and environmental leader among automobile in 2018. VW created four goals that are intend to lead to success in the automaker world by 2018. These goals related to innovation, customer satisfaction, sales, profits, and employee retention. In 2011 Volkswagen became the world’s largest automaker, offering 13 brands from Audi to Porsche.

It’s crazy how Volkswagen has been running an automobile company and forgot about their missions and values. I found this most intriguing, but I understand that there has been a down fall in there progression. It’s confusing to me that Volkswagen would cover their emissions results in there software. I think the most beneficial information that I received from this article is that if a Student or Professional are looking at or have a business should keep a report on their mission and values updated. Volkswagen ethical practice can actually be apply to practices in a marketing research team to keep the team on task to achieve their goal.




Resnik, David B. What is Ethics in Research & whyis it Important (2015). 9 April 2017. <;.

Skeet, Ann. “The Volkswagen Brand Crisis.” No Missons, No Vison, No Hope (2015). 9 April 2017. <;.



You need some help?

Since February professor Conard has been teaching us the methods of marketing research & strategy. Professor Conrad split the class in to groups at the beginning of the semester. The group I’m in has the responsibility of figuring out how to reach out to non-business majors about the MBA program that is available to them. The MBA program is running well, but there results are not satisfying. Marketing the MBA program is our main focus for our team and the program  Do you guys remember the big data blog post how we’ve managed to collect data this is basically what we are doing creating our own data when you really look at it

The Qualitative research a collection of data that has been analyzed by observing what people do and say. We conducted a focus group to beginning our team project. In our separate groups we leaded a focus group of our own in class. This gave us very important information that will be useful when we create the survey.   If you would like to read more about Focus groups you can check out my Blog “Conducting a Focus Group”

The part of the project we are on now is Quantitative research. I’ve talked about this in my blog post not that long ago. This consist of data expressing a certain quantity, amount, or range. This method is often used in teams such as our MBA team that are working on problems with the program. Quantitative research can either be a survey or questionnaires. For this project we will be conducting a survey write now we are in the process of developing questions for the survey.

After, reading chapter 16 I can identify the potential boundaries and limitations we may face. I believe that our potential boundaries with the MBA program is advertising. Look at it this way WVWC includes the MBA program as an option to all of their students with a 3.0 GPA. WVWC provides the MBA program with around 2,000 dollars to support their funds. Many of the students from the college do not know that they are eligible for the program. Students of WVWC do not have to be listed as major in the business department to be eligible for the MBA program.

In order for our team to get more student interested in the MBA Program, the right advertising will be key. We can have a student seminar each semester for incoming freshman and sophomore so that they won’t be missing out on their opportunity to be in the MBA program. I think this will be our best decision because our business department has launched advertisement before and they continue to now.

We will be able to successfully increase their members with the survey and advertisements. Our marketing research that we have conducted so far will help our team to complete this project. After this semester the MBA program will sky rocket with new members for the years to come.



Get the Sample Size

This week in class we learned about sampling quantitative research. There two different methods that can be used to get the results you need surveys and Questioners. Both of these options I strongly recommend using if you’re in need of some responses numbers. The goal of this is to prevent or at least minimize bewilderment in connection of the topic. Secondly a modicum of critical thinking should be enabled about samples in context of both proposed research and completed research. Proposed research is based on the kind of sample required facilitates a more effective design. While completed research is basically secondary critical thinking completed in studies.

There are a few different types of samples to choose from. A Population is the most common used type of sampling. This is a total set of people that should reflect a sample of results. The population can be of any size, from the amount of customers that visit a restaurant or all the United States household that have the same area code. The initial sample is a limited amount of people in a population that are contacted to participate in a research such as a survey.

For the remainder of this blog post I will be demonstrate and explaining how to calculate the sample size. I want to start of explaining the probability sampling this can be any method of sampling to a form of random samples. In order to do this you must set up some process or procedure that assures that the different units in your population have equal probabilities of being chosen.

You must estimate the required sample size by a given probability sample with three pieces of information. The decision maker’s tolerable margin of error that is desired degree of precision. The decision makers are to view the market research conducted using samples of humans by the team. This can only hold the approximate values these values can be made more or less approximate, but this can cost money to do so.

These Two terms have a specific meaning in statistics, confidence level and the more properly confidence interval. This can be any percentage that the marketing team wants it to be. Your sample size will be much closer to the results you want if you use 95 percent confidence interval. You also should consider using 90 or 99 percent confidence intervals. These three options will give you the best results to your teams study. Variance is the third piece of information that will be need to get a sample size.

The formula for computing sample sizes holds three steps to solving. Square the Z value associated with the desired confidence interval. Multiply it by the population variance. Lastly divide by the square of the desired precision. For example 4 section B of page 303 there is an ad campaign for a new DVD player. The management would like to know how many people are aware of this product already. They think that it may be 70 percent. The management team wants a 95 confidence interval and a precision of 2 percent.  There are two different variance which are aware and unaware. Below in Table 1.1 there is a picture of the solved problem


FullSizeR (4)

Quantitative Research can give you what you need

Recently in marketing research & strategies class, Professor Conrad discussed quantitative research.  Quantitative research consist of data expressing a certain quantity, amount, or range. This method is often used by marketing teams to understand what parts of the company is having a problem whether it may be sales, promotion, visits, and pricing. There are a lot more issues in a company that would cause them to use quantitative research. Quantitative data is known as a fixed number it also can be consider a ratio factor. The consumers are represented as precise sets of numerical relationships.

Quantitative research is labeled under toolbox contents in the marketing research department. There are two different options to collect data with quantitative research surveys and questionnaires. This is can be used after you have conducted and completed the qualitative research if needed. We talked about the survey method during class on Monday.

Survey collections are lot different from qualitative research that consist of focus groups and interviews. In surveys there are predesigned questions and answers already provided for their participants. A question in a survey could be, On a scale from 1 to 5 how would you rate our food services at Cats Claw? With surveys you must have a large amount of participants to receive an accurate result back from the surveys.

Surveys can have a cost to them if you are able to afford it for your company surveys can also be free if you use your own list. Panels can cost a few $1,000 and phone surveys can cost up to $100,000. Your survey shouldn’t be very long tis should take a few minutes to complete. The length can affect the response rate of the surveys. There are several reasons for using survey research customer satisfaction, purchase intentions, brand image, and others…

Surveys provide the company a large sample size to get the best results. They are very easy and cost-efficient. Surveys are very easy to understand and complete you can actually use excel to analysis a survey. It reveals complex, multi-level distinctions among groups. With advantages there are always disadvantages. Surveys can tell you what they think, but not why. Surveys are similar to interviews, but it is not a face to face response. Surveys response rates are increasingly declining, because many people think surveys are pointless and a waste of time.

To improve your response rate you should consider some of the following points that I will explain. Keep your survey short, a long survey will lead people away. Keep your language simple you don’t want to use any challenging words that may confuse participants. Let respondents skip open ended questions open ended questions may be difficult for some people to answer. A great way to encourage responses is to offer incentive. For some fast-food restaurants offer a free item from their menus. You also want to keep contact info up to data.

There are three methods for collecting data for a survey Person administrated and Computer assisted, Computer administered, and Self-administered. Person administered could be a home survey, mall survey, in an office survey, and a telephone survey. These surveys show more connection to the customers. Computer administered are fully automated surveys or online surveys I feel like this method may work sometimes, but less effective. Last Self-administered is a group self-administered surveys, drop off surveys, and mail surveys I believe these are rarely noticed when it comes to conducting surveys. These surveys are often used if a consumer has a problem or concerned they will fill out a survey.

I actually conducted some quantitative research with a group a few years ago in Professor McCauley’s Business Communication class for our presentation to the President of Wesleyan. Our presentation was on what college students at WVWC would like to see different on campus and what improvement the school can make.  Creating a survey and actually conducting a Survey for this topic was very easy and simple to do. It can be a pain putting in all those results in to the computer. Surveys are just time consuming, but it is an excellent way to collect data for your company.



So can Qualitative Research help or is this pointless


A few weeks ago we discussed qualitative research on this blog. We learned how to conduct a focus group with Dr. Krueger, Ph.D. University of Minnesota. I hope that the last blog was helpful to some now this week we will be discussing the studies of when market research is likely to get used, and when it is likely to be ignored. From the knowledge that I have retained form the past years I believe that market research is a large part of running a business and it should never be ignored.

Before going deep in to the discussing some background information on market research’s will be very helpful. Market research is the process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information about a market, about a product or service that is offered in the market. It is collected data about the past present, and potential consumers in the future. If you go in to detail about the information gather there is much discussion of consumers spending habits, location, target market, and competitors. Marketing research provides relevant data to solve business complications with sells.

Market research is often what many entrepreneurs choose to ignore when planning a new business. Maybe they find the task too overwhelming, or they may be afraid there business idea may not succeed. Recognizing the problems that the business is having and identifying the symptoms of their problems steer markets away from conducting market research for their company. Market research is also costly so this becomes a problem for companies to launch a marketing research team. The toolbox contents are very beneficial to the company some of the commonly used strategies are focus groups surveys and questionnaires. Even though market research may look costly it could be the only way to help the business keep running.

Qualitative research is primarily exploring the quality of the size of how good the object or material is. This method is used to better understand the underlying reasons and opinions. It provides information to help develop ideas to solve the problem, also qualitative research goes in deep to understand the problems of the company. Qualitative research tools context for exploring unfamiliar customer experience are up front and in person. Focus groups, individual interviews and customer’s visits are used heavily to conduct a qualitative plan. This makes the participant feel important and it gives the company honest and quick feedback.

To have a better understanding of qualitative research I went ahead and researched an article about an actual on a company’s research trial. The article discussed the fast food restaurants that are affecting the children in the more deprived areas of UK, having higher rates of obesity and poor diet quality’s than those that are less deprived. They noticed that the schools nutrient standards are mandatory in the school meals, but a large amount of student purchases food outside of the school for lunch.

There were qualitative interviews conducted with fast food shop managers to explore the menus options provided. Researchers targeted independently owned shops near school. Their target ages was 12 to 17 in low-income areas of three Scottish cites. Ten interviews were completed, recorded, and transcribed for analysis

From this data five themes emerged pride in what’s sold, individual autonomy and responsibility, customer demand, profit margin, and neighborhood context. Most of the vendors created homemade products which expressed their pride. They felt that healthy eating is the responsibility of the individual. Most of the vendors are struggling to maintain profit this makes changes in the low income neighborhood challenging. In the end the author’s believe that food shops in low income areas face barriers to offering healthy food choices to consumers. Schools should take in consideration the interventions and policies that are targeting the students around there environment.



Estrade, M., Dick, S., Crawford, F., Ellaway, A., Jepson, R., & Mcneill, g. (2014, August 4). A qualitative study of independent fast food vendors near secondary schools in disadvantaged Scottish neighbourhoods. Retrieved February 26, 2017, from

Conducting a Focus group

This week’s blog I will be discussing qualitative researching and how it is performed. Qualitative research is a collection of data that has been analyzed by observing what people do and say. Qualitative research doesn’t have anything to do with fixed numbers or ratios, but instead listing to and watching consumers. There are no exact quantities, but the most come descriptive words for this is many some or few. This research will identify what consumers believe are the most important issues to them. There are multiple different ways to conduct a qualitative research test. Interviews are the most common usually there will be an interview with a former customers to understand there positives and negatives of the company.

Also Focus Groups which I will discuss a lot in this blog is a diverse group of people to participate in a guided discussion about a product of a company before or after it has launched. Focus Groups provide excellent feedback on a political campaign or television series.

In this blog I want to discusses majority of the time about this video I’ve recently seen for my Marketing research & strategy class. The video is about moderating a Focus group the creator and instructor of this video is Richard A. Krueger, Ph.D. University of Minnesota. Krueger will be conducting a focus group about airline traveling. He has invited a number of people to join him in a discussion that have been traveling by airplanes for the past few years. They will be talking about their experiences on each one of their trips.

You must first identify participant’s specific form this focus group by recruiting them. There must be arrangement made so that you can meet with them and develop questions to ask them. All of these things take place before the focus group even begins. The day of the meeting you should arrive early to make sure everything is running smoothly this is called the setup make sure all the food is ready and the room is set up. Place name tags near the seats so that everybody can have a sense of where they should go. After this test the recorder and the mic to make sure there are no problems with the equipment.

Welcome the participants in to the focus group and introduce yourself to them, make sure to let the participants know that there is food and that there’s name tags on the seats to let them know where they should sit. When starting the actual focus group the introduction should be short. A welcome is always important followed by an introduction to the topic. Some background on the topic that will be discussed. Ground rules for the topic so that everybody is on the same page and the opening question.

Most of the questions at the beginning are focused toward the moderator, but as the discussion continues he will try to get them to start talking to each other instead. Dr. Krueger believes that this is a good sign because it shows that they are really getting involved in the focus group. During the focus group a 5 second pauses after the questions is a very effective technique, it gives the participants a chance reflect, think, and express their thoughts.

Dr.Kruger talks about the ramblers in the group and how to continue with the question when someone starts to talk too much. Dr.Kruger cuts of the rambler by saying “alright let’s see what some other people have to say about this question” right after he say’s this the rambler stops talking to let the others in the focus group share their opinion. A great way to receive some feedback from a less talkative person is to sometimes look at them or call on them.  During the focus group Role playing is involved in the meeting to help Dr.Krueger understand what the participants would like to happen in a certain situation. Once the role play is over ask the participant for their comments on the situation, if any of them would have did anything differently

Dr.Krueger asked each participant to create a list of 3 things that are inconvenient for them. Once this is done. He creates a much larger list on a white board so that everybody can see all of the concern and pin point the major issues that are most relevant to the group. He then uses a rating sheet which is basically a survey. He then uses this information for a later discussion in the meeting.

Dr.Krueger believes that a very effective way to get rapid feedback is to use fingers and paper of certain activities. The information is designed to lead you in the direction to why something might be happening. Dr. Krueger then explains some strategy’s to solve these problems and wants the participant’s to give him a thumbs up or down for the idea. The last strategy that Dr.Krueger used is projection. He asked the participants to relate there most frequently used are to an animal and understand why they picked that animal. One women said a skunk because there mainly interested in them self’s and if you mess with them you’re in deep trouble.

At the end of the focus group the moderator should ask the participants to go around the room and explain some of the important things that were talked about in the discussion. At this point after the question has been answered the moderator will ask the assistant moderator to follow up on any questions that are important in this conversation and give a brief summary about what was discussed. The assistant Moderator will ask for confirmation after giving the brief summary to make sure they heard things correctly

In this video I really like how well Dr. Krueger opened up the focus group it really grabbed my attention. His opening question was very important. It forced everybody in the room to speak on their experiences on their most recent airline travel. I think this opening question made there participants more comfortable from the beginning. I also like the multiple strategy’s he uses to get the participants to interact and receive fast feedback. I believe that Dr.Krueger was very successful with this qualitative method. He collected a large amount of helpful information that will improve the airlines services to their customers.  I don’t there is anything that I would change about his focus group he asked a lot of the right questions and used important strategy’s to make the process much easier.

After watching this video there’s a lot of strategy’s that I will use in the future. I advise anybody that’s conducting a focus group to watch this video before doing your own. I think it’s at least 1 or 2 things that you will be able to take from this video


Big Data has evolved our world

This week during Professor Conrad’s Marketing Research and Strategy class we watched a PBS Documentary Big Data. How we’ve managed to collect data over the years. What it consist of.  How it works in different ways and how it has evolved our world today. We as people have been collecting data for as long as we have existed. Long before computers we had already began to create an ever-expanding body of knowledge. Our increasing ability to store and analyze information has been gradual evolving since we been on earth (Marr, Bernard).

During the documentary I started to think about how we use to collect data in the past.  I found that Researchers have went all the way back to 18,000 BCE. The Palaeolithic tribe’s people would mark notches into sticks and notches to carry our rudimentary calculations. This made predictions on how long their food supplies would last them. Another period during this time was 300 BC-48 AD the Library of Alexandria is now as the largest collection of data in the ancient world housing perhaps half a million scrolls (Marr, Bernard).

The Egyptians writing system hieroglyphics is the source that stored all of their information. Often the Egyptians wrote on golden or stone plates, walls, and tombs. This writing system has provided our researchers with so much important information, that has given us the knowledge to understand there way of living. These are just a few things that crossed my mind during the documentary but it’s amazing how long we have been collecting data.

Before what we did was, we thought of things and then we wrote it down that became knowledge. Big data is kind of like the opposite of this. It’s not knowledge until you start to figure out how it works in different ways when you shift it, then data becomes knowledge. A very important part of big data is the search button. That was the moment were we created a tool to navigate through an incredible amount of data. We took all of the human knowledge that was in text and put it on the web

All of the devices that we are building whether its phones cars, toll booths are extracting out data. Everything that we do now is collecting digital data. Really the whole world is being recorded in real time. In the big data Documentary Rick Smolan mentioned that there is a company in Boston that can predict depression 2 days before you’re depressed. This collection of data may change our behavior.  The fact that we actually have the technology and data to do something like that is amazing.

With these devices and technology that have been collecting data, I believe that we are building this ultimate source for all of the data to run through.  For example how everything that is searched runs through Google and each search is collected by them. Everything that we do leaves a digital trace. It’s practically impossible to be anonymous in today’s society. Many say that we’ve lost our rights to privacy by the government.

It was some very interesting information that I gathered from this document.  In one day we are exposed to more data than our ancestor in the 1500 were in a there lifetime. In the last 2 years we’ve collected more data than we ever have in 3000 years. We don’t think were collecting data, but we always are. Just by me writing down some facts from this documentary is gathering data. It may just look like I’m writing down some notes, but actually I’m collecting data and sharing it on this blog. This is one way data is being shared and collected. There’s more and more data for us to discover, this wave of change will send us in a direction that we cannot begin to imagine.

The Recap of Beth Rodger’presentation

This week instead of attending class in our usual classroom. We met in room 105 of the library for Beth Rogers’s presentation. I had a feel on what to expect because I went to one of her presentations my sophomore year. Beth Rogers presentation was on the databases that provide for us to us during our marketing research. The last time I didn’t really pay attention to the presentation. I looked at it as a waste of time. I guess that was because I was young and felt like I did not need to know about the library database that much. I felt that if I was really in need of some information I would just research it on google.

Beth Rogers introduced us to a verity of different sources that could be used on the WVWC Library Database. These databases would help us research information that would be needed for any assignment focused toward our classes. She explains that they hold 110 different databases to choose from. Surly if I ever need to research something I will think first about using the library website. Each database purpose is to give us the ability to collect a sum of data that has already been primary research for us.

Beth Rodgers went over a few major databases that she highly recommend for us to use. EbscoHOST is a database listed by Subject and Cross-searchable. You can research all the way from publication down to the languages. EbscoHOST wants to eliminate as many resources as possible to present the most accurate data needed. It shows how many times a page has actually been cited, the more a page has been cited the more of an impact it has made on researchers. While discussing EbscoHOST Rodgers said “that it would be a great idea to email the research to your Wesleyan email, because it is a great way to back up your work” (Rodgers). Also try not to use the APA citations, 99% of the time they are in the wrong form.


Sage Premier Journals is the second databases she talked about. Sage holds a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal content from Sage Publishing. Sage provides academic journals that browses by Discipline. Sage data is carried in full text and PDF form. They give you every source hyperlinked so you can go to the main sources. Rodgers said that you’re basically building on better researching if you use this site.

She went over Minter which is not an academic site, but a business and programs site. You can read more about writers and analyst. In a data book it actually gives you the raw numbers in the data. Statista was another one she discussed before closing her presentation. Statista is one of the first statistic portals in the world to integrate data on over 80,000 topics. provides companies, business customers, research institutions, and the academic community with direct access to quantitative data.

After actually paying attention this time instead of pushing it over again. I realized that this could have been very useful in the pass. I can actually use the library website to do secondary research on a lot of topics. I’ve been placed in the second MBA program research group so I think the best thing to do after understanding there problems is to use the library’s website to make it a less stressful process. I think I will start of by using the Sage Journals database because it lets me browse by Discipline, which like I said earlier has you build on to a better search for the data needed. Even down I wasn’t excited about going to the presentation I’m glad I did. It has given me a lot of resources that I will use for the future.


The first of Many

Wow, never thought I would see the day that I became a blogger lol. The only time I’ve ever felt that a blog was useful for me was to find some information on a topic that I may have had an assignment for in one of my previous classes, but now I’m sitting here writing my first blog on my page. I’m a 23 year old undergrad student attending West Virginia Wesleyan. I’m a student athlete here for the football team. My primary position is free safety so you know I’ll catch a couple of picks now and then. In the future I plan on running my own clothing line such as 10 Deep, Gstar, and Diamond supply Co. This is something that I’ve been planning on doing since I was around the age of 14. I really love fashion so I guess you can say that is why I would love to create my own brand. My father has his own clothing brand and I’ve always been fascinated by the work that is done. In my spare time I like to Distress clothes, restore shoes, hangout with friends and family, go out, and spend time with my girlfriend. 

I created this blog for my college Marketing Research & strategies for Professor Conrad. This is actually the first time that I’ve had her and I’m very excited to learn from the class that she is teaching. This blog will help me stay Knowledgeable in many different fields. To successfully blog I must post frequently and provide updated information on a regular basis. It’s a perfect way to help an employee in the marketing area of the business stay aware of the events and situations that are a currying in society. This blog is also away for me to express my opinion on problems and concerns. Blogs provide a place to say what’s on your mind and be heard. In the marketing department this can help fellow blogs that follow you stay updated with current changes that your company may be doing and promote the products that are new arrivals from the company. Blogs can help with situations that people have with products made by a company that you may work for. Many customers tend to follow the brands blog page to provide comments on what they think about the products released. This gives the company’s excellent feedback on what they should do to improve their product.

I will be providing links in the scroll bar on the left of my blog page soon. I’m still trying to figure out the kinks in creating my blog here are few of my social media sites so that you can feel more connected with me. Follow me at boobie_robinson on Instagram or on Twitter at boobie_robinson as well. Your probably wondering why my social media name starts with Boobie. It’s actually a nickname that has stuck with me my whole life. So it’s perfectly fine if you call me Boobie. I’m really looking forward to blogging more and learning more in this class. Feel free to contact me